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How testRigor Helps To Save Budget And Improve Test Coverage

The reason why our customers decided to go with testRigor is that it helps to save the budget and improve test coverage at the same time. This is how: You can empower your manual testers to build test automation effectively. Their performance will be 15X faster compare to QA Automation Engineers with traditional systems like …

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Test Automation Best Practices

Regardless of what tool you are using, there are several test automation concepts and best practices that are always the same ...

ROI of Switching to Codeless Test Automation: 3 Best Ways To Measure

In today’s world, software teams are expected to ship features often, on time, and these features must be of good quality. Test automation with the right tools and built the right way will save countless hours of testing efforts, reduce defect escape rate, and improve efficiency and teamwork. But how do you measure that? Suppose …

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