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Release Notes: Okta, Copy/Paste, Non-incognito, Loops for reusable rules, Baseline mutations

Last week, we added several settings to give the user more control over testRigor’s behaviors.


  • We added the ability for customers to specify the wait timeout for checking emails.
    • This setting can be found in Settings->Speed optimizations-> Timeouts and delays.
    • The default timeout is 60 seconds


  • We added a new parameter for Baseline Mutations in the API:
"explicitMutations": true
  • When this new attribute is set to true, it forces deletion of all the test cases on the test suite that are not mentioned in the list of Baseline mutations. 

Example of use:

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.testrigor.com/api/v1/apps/6u8JMuwrN27NoqxKK/retest' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'auth-token: a4bb4022-0ab4-41a0-ba5a-809ca828044a' --data-raw '{ 
    "url": "http://r4d4.info/test-web-app/login-search/index.html",
    "explicitMutations": true,
    "baselineMutations": [ 
        {"customSteps": "press \"Login\"","description": "A new test case on my branch","labels": ["my-label"]},
        {"customSteps": "press \"Go\"\nenter \"James\" into \"Search\"\npress \"Search\"","description": "Identify"},
        {"customSteps": "press \"somewhere\"\nenter \"James\" into \"Search\"\npress \"Search\"","testCaseUuid": "2e933300-dbf3-4b22-af77-4ca157c9c937"},
        {"customSteps": "press \"somewhere\"\nenter \"James\" into \"Search\"\npress \"Search\"","testCaseUuid": "cbc682a0-da16-4fa4-a601-ad4d85b6dfe3"}
    • In the above example, all the test cases mentioned in the baseline mutation will be modified (or created if it doesn’t exist), and all the test cases not present on the list will be deleted from the test suite.
  • The way to use this parameter without deleting the unmentioned test cases from the suite is to combine it with the following snippet in the API call:
   "branch": { "name": "example", "commit": "commit-example"}

*By creating baseline mutations as a branch, a new run will be created without affecting cases in the main suite.


  • We added a new property in the Okta form for the user to input the single logout url if desired.
  • The single logout will only work if it’s enabled and with a valid value.


  • We added integration with Sauce Labs for desktop web browsers.

Reusable Rules

  • We added support for loops with reusable rules.
    • We can add the keyword “until” with a reusable rule.
    • For example, if there is a reusable rule called uninvite guest from call, you can now loop that rule until it the case meets a certain requirement as follows:
uninvite guest from call until page contains "0 guests invited"


  • We provided a way to specify a group prefix for Okta.
  • We included a new form in the Okta integration to set the prefix of the groups to consider when importing it from Okta. If it’s configured, we consider only groups with the prefix and don’t import groups which don’t match.
  • Also, it is now possible to set the names of the special roles groups. It will only be considered if it’s enabled in the form. Otherwise, the default ones will be used.


  • We added a setting for customers to choose how testRigor targets elements on the page.
    • The two options are the following:
      • Weighted average of signals: This was the only option we had before this change. In this case, the weight the element has in relation to other elements was defined by a sum of different attributes like text, CSS, value, placeholder, etc
      • Strongest signal: This is the new default option, this option gives more weight to one of the attributes for each element, which could be text, CSS, value, placeholder, etc. But in this case, it will only be one of those attributes and will be the one with more weight.

Custom Steps

  • We added support for copy and paste actions.
    • To copy selected text (text that was highlighted by either double clicking or dragging the mouse) to the clipboard, we can use the following commands:
copy selection to clipboard
copy to clipboard
copy selection
  • To copy the value from a variable to the clipboard (only possible in non-headless), we can use the following commands:
copy to clipboard from "variable_name"
copy from "variable_name"
  • To copy a specified value to the clipboard (only possible in non-headless), we can use the following commands:
copy to clipboard value "value_here"
copy value "value_here"
  • To paste the value copied to the clipboard, we can use the following commands:
paste from clipboard

Browser type

  • We added a new setting allowing the user to enable/disable incognito mode.
    • The setting can be found in Settings->Advanced->Desktop Web Fine Tuning
    • When incognito mode is disabled, the option to enable/disable notifications will appear.
    • Both options are enabled by default.
    • These settings only apply to Chromium-based browsers (Chrome and Edge)


  • We added two new settings to choose whether or not testRigor automatically scrolls to center an element or input field before interacting with it.
    • These dropdowns can be located in Settings->Speed optimizations->Performance

Mobile Web Browsers/Integrations

  • We are now able to configure multiple devices/providers on mobile web browser test suites.
    • BrowserStack
    • LambdaTest
    • Sauce Labs
    • In addition to using testRigor as a provider for mobile web browser test suites, the following providers are now also allowed:
    • These can be used in combination and tested on multiple devices simultaneously.


  • We included a new field in the Okta form to configure the organization domains for Okta integration. It can receive a list of domains separated by a semicolon (;).
  • We created a button to login with Okta in the global login screen. The button asks for the user e-mail, and in the case that the organization is found, allows the user to follow the Okta login process.