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Release Notes: Invite collaborators, Assign test suites, Browser+RDP

This week, we added several features for user management and one for Remote desktop testing.

User Management

Company admins can now invite new users to collaborate. Under the username in the top right corner of the screen, select Company (on your mobile browser, click the menu button at the top right, {username}, Company). Once you are on the admin page, click Invite Collaborators. This will send an email invitation to the external user(s) to join the company as a collaborator.

User Management

Company admins can now assign, un-assign or change the team of any test suite. To do this, select Company from the username dropdown at the top right of the screen. You will find a list of your test suites where you will be allowed to select the team each one should belong to.

See full documentation on User Management here.

Remote Desktop Testing

We added a new feature allowing users to switch between remote desktop protocol (RDP) and a testRigor browser.

Now, from an RDP application we can switch to a browser using the following action:

start browser "new browser driver name" and switch

or the combined actions:

start browser "new browser driver name" 
switch to browser "new browser driver name"

To switch back to RDP we can perform the following action:

switch to remote desktop "default"

Creating a second RDP instance is not yet supported. So the action start remote desktop "rdp2" and switch will return the error Start a new Remote Desktop driver is not supported.