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Corniche Testing

In the financial sector, you will see various competent products in the market that offer core banking services by developing advanced financial systems. They help automate and streamline complex banking and financial processes.

By offering customizable and flexible software solutions, these companies ensure that financial institutions of all sizes can tailor the technology to their specific needs. They help promote financial inclusion by enabling smaller banks and financial institutions to offer competitive services at a lower cost.

One such company that can propel your banking system is Megasol Technologies through its product, Corniche.

About Corniche

Megasol Technologies is a Swedish company mainly known for its banking software, Corniche, which caters to the private banking, payments, and commodities industries. Their customers are small- to medium-sized banks and financial institutions, and have a significant global presence.

This software offers features like powerful APIs, scalability, rapid customizations, and options for deployment either as SaaS, on-premises, or in the cloud. Corniche is designed to be a comprehensive solution, supporting multiple entity management, multiple currency support, messaging, and document storage.

Corniche Testing

It is designed to allow rapid customizations to meet clients’ specific needs, which you can easily integrate. This includes the possibility of modifying existing features or adding new ones to ensure that the software aligns well with your operational requirements and business processes.

While the company provides powerful APIs and options for customization, it might be carried out by the company’s developers, the client’s in-house IT team, or possibly by third-party developers, depending on the agreement and the nature of the customization.

Irrespective of who customizes it, the entire system should be tested thoroughly before release. You can follow the testing pyramid to devise a testing strategy for this.

Besides these, consider other forms of testing like performance and security testing to ensure that your banking application is in ship shape.

Unit and integration testing

Unit testing and integration testing form the base of testing. These are tests written from a developer’s perspective, wherein the code’s behavior is considered rather than that of the system.

Based on the customizations, if any code is written, you can write unit tests for just that portion of the code. Likewise, use integration tests to check if Corniche works seamlessly with your existing modules.

However, remember that when writing unit and integration tests, focus on those areas you’ve developed. This is because they take care of Corniche’s code; hence, you can save time and effort by clearly defining your testing scope.

End-to-end testing

Unlike unit and integration testing, end-to-end testing focuses on the user’s experience with the system rather than how correctly the code is executing. Your application is fulfilling a need for the user. If users face difficulties completing the intended functionalities, they will move on to the next best alternative. We definitely do not want that.

You will find many tools in the market that allow you to execute end-to-end tests. Make use of a suitable option that fulfills your requirements. One such tool that gives you the most out of your testing endeavors is testRigor.

testRigor for end-to-end testing

testRigor is a modern, AI-based, no-code test automation tool that gives you the best of test automation. With this cloud-based solution, you can automate end-to-end, functional, UI-based acceptance tests and even API tests. These tests can be run across multiple platforms as well, like the web, mobile, and desktop.

A significant advantage of this tool over traditional test automation tools is that it lets you write test cases in plain English. This is handy when working in diverse teams involving technical and non-technical members. Why so? Because more often than not, the non-technical members like the sales representatives or the customer care teams are the ones who have the most valuable contributions in end-to-end testing. Thus, everyone can collaborate and be on the same page.

Here’s an example. This is a test case of a manager declining a loan request based on a credit score comparison.
login as manager
navigate to Pending Approvals Dashboard
click on table "pending" at row "45" and column "Title"
check customer's credit score
compare customer's credit score with threshold
click on “Denied”
enter stored value “deniedMessage” into “Feedback”
click on “Done”
navigate to Pending Approvals Dashboard

You can create reusable rules that are like reusable methods that can be used across test cases. In the above example, statements like ‘login as manager‘, ‘navigate to Pending Approvals Dashboard‘, or ‘check customer’s credit score‘ are reusable rules. You can use plain English commands to define these single-line statements so that the particular operation can be done across test cases with just a single line instead of a series of statements.

With testRigor’s powerful library, you can automate seemingly complex test scenarios in a simple fashion, like interacting with table data, Captcha resolution, uploading/testing files, verifying images, performing 2-factor authentication(2FA), database testing, and more. Along with simplified test creation, testRigor also uses AI to reduce your test maintenance load.

If your organization uses CI/CD, then integrate testRigor tests with the pipeline for regular testing. You can also extend your testing framework with testRigor’s supported integrations with third-party tools and frameworks. This cloud-based platform offers a scalable solution for testing your application and also offers an on-premise solution in case that is what you’re looking for.


Megasol Technologies’s Corniche offers solutions that can help you build a formidable banking system. Since the banking sector deals with sensitive data and operations, be sure to employ good testing strategies to give the best quality to your customers.

The use of supporting testing tools is vital for the success and quality of the application. Choice of intelligent tools such as testRigor helps you manage all your testing needs single-handedly. You save enormous time and money compared to traditional testing tools, which require regular maintenance and script changes due to the use of programming languages. testRigor, on the other hand, helps you create and execute complex test cases simplistically and with broader test coverage.

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