Testing SMS Flows

Two Factor Authentication

Testing automation for flows which require interaction with text messages have never been easier. With testRigor you can read SMS and extract any content including confirmation codes.
In fact, we are the only known way to test a two-factor authentication flow.

If you want to test a flow like the one below

  1. Sign in with a test user
  2. Request a verification code
  3. Check the SMS content for a 4 digits code
  4. Verify the code from the SMS
  5. Check that the user was succesfully logged in

Just describe it in plain English and we'll do the magic

click "Sign in"
enter "jacob" into "Username"
enter "jacobs-secure-password" into "Password"
click "Verify me"
check that sms to "+12345678902" is delivered and matches regex "Code\:\d\d\d\d" and save it as "sms"
extract value by regex "(?<=Code\:)[0-9]{4}" from "sms" and save it as "confirmationCode"
enter saved value "confirmationCode" into "code"
click "Continue to Login"
check that page contains text "Welcome, Jacob!"
This example uses regular expressions to validate and extract the code from the sms. Click here to learn more about them.

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